Auckland New Zealand Intercontinental Hotel

The Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) has partnered with Precinct Properties to open the Intercontinental Auckland New Zealand International Hotel in Auckland for the first time in its history. The New NZ Hotel has been recognised at the prestigious World Travel Awards for its outstanding performance in hotel design, hospitality and customer service.

The property is managed under two brands, with the website bearing the same name as its cousin, the Intercontinental Auckland New Zealand Express Hotel. Precinct Properties and the owners of the New NZ Hotel, Abhijay Bhattacharjee and Arvind Kumar, have this morning jointly announced an unexpected agreement for the redevelopment of an existing office building across Quay Street.

The property is managed under two brands, with the website bearing the same name as its cousin, the Intercontinental Auckland New Zealand Express Hotel. And of course, and most importantly, it will offer 244 guest rooms that will provide guests with an unparalleled experience that showcases the best of Auckland. There will be a gym and meeting facilities on site, as well as a restaurant, bar, lounge and fitness center.

The InterContinental Auckland will benefit from a number of businesses and leisure operators, including the New Zealand Tourism Authority (NZTA) and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Indigo Auckland is located in the Crowne Plaza, a business that generates demand from hotels, restaurants, bars, hotels and other leisure and entertainment facilities. It may not be as polished and impressive in design as the Intercontinental, but if you want to reach the asking price of $1,000 a night for a room in one of the world's most expensive hotels in Auckland, it will deliver.

The InterContinental Auckland will add a major piece to IHG Australasia's luxurious reputation, complemented by the world's most expensive hotel, the Crowne Plaza, and it is high time Auckland forgot a taste of intercontinental life. Intercontinental Auckland chief executive Dr John Haines said: "We are very excited about this announcement. Hotel Indigo is one of the fastest growing brands in the world and our fifth contract in Austral Asia will be close to our home, Hotel Indigo Auckland. Inter Continents New Zealand President and CEO Michael O'Neill, who is responsible for the development and management of all IhG hotels and resorts in Australia and Asia Pacific, said: "I am very pleased to announce the addition of a new hotel to the Auckland Convention and Exhibition Centre.

While Australia and China have long accounted for a large share of New Zealand's tourists, the US has also contributed to the rise, according to Armitage. There's definitely a growing interest in New York and New Jersey, but the balance is in and around NewNZ. Virginia, a travel leader and consultant, said: "There is a lot of concern in the hotel industry where hotels are being integrated into the global travel market, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. While New Zealanders "interest has clearly increased, concerns about it may be somewhat exaggerated, especially when one disregards the fact that it is only a few hundred miles away.

The Sky Tower Observation Tower marks the centre of downtown Auckland and is surrounded by award-winning restaurants and hotels. It is in the heart of Auckland's transport infrastructure, including trains, buses and ferries, which hosts some of New Zealand's most popular tourist destinations, such as Auckland Airport. US visitors will also benefit from improved connectivity, with AirNew Zealand offering non-stop flights from Chicago to Auckland next month, for example.

Pro - inv has opened Holiday Inn Express Melbourne Southbank in Melbourne, Australia, expanding its existing Holiday Inn and Express properties by investing in the development of new hotels in Australia and New Zealand and expanding its global hotel network. Pro - Inv has also opened a Holiday Inn in Sydney, South Africa, and will soon open a holiday hotel in New York City's Central Business District, while adding a new hotel and an existing Holiday Hotel Express in Los Angeles, California.

With the signing of the VOCO Auckland City Centre, Pro - Inv continues its commitment to the brand, which opened in June 2018 with the opening of the new Holiday Inn Express Melbourne Southbank in Melbourne, Australia. Expansion into New Zealand continues by complementing the development of a new holiday hotel in New York City's Central Business District and the construction of two new hotels in Sydney, South Africa and Los Angeles, California. The new signings of Voco Auckland City Center continue Pro - inv's commitment to a brand that will launch in Auckland, New Hampshire, USA in July 2018 to complement the expansion of the existing Holiday Hotel Express hotels in Australia and Australia.

With the signing of the contract to open the InterContinental Auckland, Auckland will welcome a flagship Intercontinental hotel for the first time in its history. Other major developments include the construction of the VOCO Auckland City Centre in the city centre of Auckland, making it the largest hotel development in New Zealand history and the second largest in Australia.

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