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Nothing says anything about classic Kiwi holidays like a caravan, but if you don't celebrate Christmas this year, New Zealanders will be forced to live in caravans. There are a lot of high quality motorhome parts and accessories to buy in New Zealand, and there is a wide range of caravan accessories to buy in the New Zealand market. Now leading New Zealand motorhome and caravan manufacturer Ci Motorhome has launched a new series for the legendary Oxford Caravan. This is the latest in a long line of new products from one of the world's largest automakers.

Nearby you will find a wide range of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the city centre. You can fly to New Zealand via Auckland Airport (AKL) or take a bus from there. Auckland International Airport can also be reached directly from any of the major airports.

Albany Lodge is located in Albany, in the heart of the city centre, west of Westfield Auckland City Centre. It includes a wide range of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants and is located in a variety of locations in and around the CBD. It is also just a short walk from Auckland International Airport (AKL) and you will also find it atop a hill on the east side of Auckland's CBD.

Auckland has a huge harbour and peaceful islands, making it a great blend of city and nature, and the pristine coastline is considered by many to be one of the best views of New Zealand's pristine rainforests, and is just a short walk from Auckland International Airport. The Eden University Auckland Sky Tower is the tallest building in Auckland. Its observation tower marks the centre of downtown Auckland and is surrounded by award-winning restaurants and hotels.

Pullman Melbourne Swanston is the perfect destination for work and play, and the Art Deco architecture of the 1930s is intact. As Auckland is in a shopping area, this hostel is a great place to stay without paying a hotel booking fee. You will certainly consider this hotel to be one of the best Western hotels in New Zealand for your next stay.

Northridge Country Lodge Northridge is located in Waitakere, and Auckland city centre is only 20 minutes away by car or bus. Just a few minutes drive from the motorway, West Auckland uses the Greenheith Bridge to drive to the Auckland Harbour Bridge in 8-10 minutes. Albany Oak Motel is a road trip, so you can turn back anytime to drive back downtown or even further north to North Auckland. This lodge in Albany is located near Albany and is a great destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in the heart of the New Zealand capital.

Auckland Intl is only 8 - 6 miles by car or bus from the city centre, and Auckland Intrbe 8.6 miles by bus or car from Auckland Airport.

Australian Business Traveller has reviewed a recent stay and with 229 rooms there is also a 2-star hotel, a 3-star hotel and a 4-star hotel. The average room rate at Auckland Intl Hotel in New Zealand is $118, but this is usually what is considered a similarly rated 4 star hotel in the US and Canada.

By booking your hotel directly with IHG (r), you have access to the affordable rates offered at the nearby Crowne Plaza Auckland. Reward Club points to book an exciting getaway to New Zealand for just $1,000 per night or $2,500 per month for a four-night stay.

Sunny Home Apartments can accommodate up to 6 guests and are equipped with entertainment, cable and flat screen TV. This is a comfortable accommodation with a sun deck, a shared lounge and a large garden. The property is located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand, just a short drive from the city centre. The lodge is located in a rural setting and is one of the most popular hotels in Auckland and the only one of its kind in New Zealand.

You can reach us at 64 - 9520 - 5509 or contact the motel directly to find vacancies and book accommodations. You can rent a car at the Auckland Airport Rental Desk for an average of $57 per day at any of the Auckland Airport Rental Desks. The average expected journey from Auckland Intl. The New Zealand capital is 17 minutes away, which is the average journey time from New York City to London and London to Sydney. Choose from many of our New NZ motels and get the best deals on hotels, restaurants, accommodation and travel services in Auckland intl and beyond.

In Auckland Intl., motorhomes, motorhomes and rental cars can be rented. Holiday Park Brokers New Zealand is a specialist holiday park broker that helps you buy and sell ready-made holiday parks, cottages, campsites and resorts. Contact a New Zealand estate agent who can help you find the home of your dreams in New Zealand.

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